VIDEO: Boy, 9 Saves Baby Brother Who Falls From Change Table

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A Florida family is thankful for the quick thinking of a 9-year-old boy who made the biggest save of his young life to protect his baby brother.

Tila Levi, a mother of five, stepped away from her 11-month-old son Eitan on the changing table for just a moment to help her son, Zion, 6, with his homework when the baby rolled over and tumbled off the side.

That’s when her other son, Joseph, 9, leaped into action.

Video from the family’s home in Bal Harbour on Sept. 29 shows Joseph springing toward the table and catching Eitan at the last moment to save the baby from a scary fall.

“I would have never caught him. I can’t run that fast, so I felt like something just came and pushed me forward and, when it happened, I just ran and caught him,” Joseph explained. “I would never be able to do that again because I can’t carry my brother.”

Levi was initially embarrassed but decided to eventually share the video to spread positivity.

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