About Us

Navigating the information overload of child safety can be overwhelming for new parents. But what if there was a centralized location where moms and dads could find the best tips for keeping kids safe?

We’re Kids Safety Network, and that’s exactly what we do – we’re a trusted source that puts the most up-to-date safety advice and alerts right at caregivers’ fingertips!

We teach parents how to educate children about fire, gun, road and water safety so that they can make responsible choices – and give parents a little extra peace of mind as they go about their day.

We also place a priority on breaking news. While there are plenty of wonderful sites that serve as a repository for advice and information, KSN is intensely interested in giving our readers information that they can use right now, whether it’s Amber Alert information provided by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the latest details on food and product recalls, or hazards at schools across the country.

Here’s what we believe: active, interested parents can save lives when given the proper tools. When spread this kind of vital information across our social networks and website, Kids Safety Network helps parents ensure missing children have the best chance for recovery.

Of course, we don’t just limit ourselves to physical safety. Things like internet safety, bullying at school and cyber bullying are all crucial parenting topics in today’s tech-immersed culture, and while they might not be as traumatic as a kidnapping, they chip away at our children’s mental health and quality of life.

That’s why we act as a dependable resource that simplifies breaking changes in the tech world, to a level that older parents can understand. Whether it’s breaking apps, trends in speech and slang, or spotting warning signs for tech run amok, we represent one news source that keeps people up to date.

When parents need help with their children’s mental health, we’re there too – tips for spotting things like anxiety and depression, are highlighted by Kids Safety Network too. And since these situations aren’t always binary, we show parents how to handle everything from mental illness to stress.

And while our primary focus is helping parents with every stage of their child’s development, we also showcase the lighter side of parenting – shining a light on fun candid videos, offbeat humor, and weird news stories from around the world. While child-rearing can be a tough job, we don’t seek to drown parents in fear and alarmism.

We believe KSN is a platform that can inspire, enlighten, and empower parents of every age and gender, and we do everything we can to live up to that.

Kids Safety Network is a proud member of the Siren Group family. Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, or contact us via email for advertising or editorial assistance.