Infant, Toddler Found Uninjured At Scene Of Mysterious Triple Murder

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Virginia Police are searching for answers after a couple and the woman’s teenage son were found dead in a mysterious triple murder.

Authorities say that an infant and toddler were found unharmed at the scene.

Officers responding to a wellness check at the home in Fredericksburg last week, found the 3 victims. They have been identified as 39-year-old Michael Coleman, 34-year-old Rachel Ozuna and 14-year-old Kyrrus Ozuna, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Coleman and Ozuna were reportedly a couple while Kyrrus Ozuna was a child of Rachel Ozuna, according to ABC News.

The case has been ruled a homicide.

It looks like the victims died “from a sharp instrument,” according to the sheriff’s office and murder/suicide has been ruled out according to reports.

The toddler and infant  who were found unharmed are believed to be the children of Michael Coleman and Rachel Ozuna, officials say.

No information about potential suspects have been reported.

Authorities are requesting anyone with information about the case to call the sheriff’s office at 540-582-7115.


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