Partner Program for Non-Profit Organizations

Kids Safety Network is looking to partner with organizations who care deeply about the well-being of children.
Our program provides the opportunity for organizations to help protect and keep children safe.

About the Program

Kids Safety Network partners with companies worldwide and together we provide parents and caregivers with a no-cost Kids Safety Kit. This Kids Safety Kit helps authorities to disseminate descriptive information to the right people. Ensuring timely handling of crucial details once a child is reported missing.

The Kids Safety Kit includes details like a child’s age, height, weight, eye and hair color, allergies or any birthmarks. It also includes important details such as physical home address and contact details of both parents. In addition to this vital information when the kit is delivered we help parents record FBI quality digital fingerprints of their child they can keep to help law enforcement with the recovery of their child if god forbid they go missing. Plus, a section to add a DNA sample(hair sample).

The Kids Safety Kit is also available as an app (iOS and Android) and is free to download.The innovative mobile application gives parents peace of mind as they will have at hand vital information at any given time. The Kids Safety Kit app stores the child’s profile with detailed information including photos and fingerprints. Each guardian of the child is able to download the app and sync to ensure accurate, up-to-date information. In addition the Kids Safety Kit app offers a one-click button to call directly from the app a local emergency number. It also allows the parents to share their child’s profile details with authorities, and share temporarily with other contacts. By having this information available on a mobile phone, will help to further assist in finding a missing child.

The Kids Safety Kits are hand-delivered to parents by agents from reputable insurance companies. The reason the kits are hand-delivered and not mailed is because the agents help parents perform digital fingerprinting using FBI grade digital fingerprint scanners. The kits can be mailed upon request but digital fingerprinting cannot be performed in that case. The reason the kits are delivered by insurance agents is because they go through a stringent screening process, along with thorough security background checks. This is in order to ensure a safe delivery process and peace of mind for parents receiving the kits.


The Kids Safety Kit is a national program currently running in the US and Canada. These types of safety kits are fully endorsed and supported by the International Union of Police Associations. Parents can have the confidence knowing the kit provides authorities with essential information.

Reasons to Join this Program

  • Aid in sharing this vital information with parents and provide more caregivers with the Kids Safety Kit.
  • Help ensure parents have the right tools, in order for a missing child to have the best chance of recovery.
  • Assist law enforcement with crucial documents to help with the recovery of a missing child.
  • Be part of the fight against the growing problem of children going missing and/or being exploited.

To Learn More Click Here to Download the Full Partner Program

If you would like to get involved in the Kids Safety Network partner program, please contact us at partnerships(at)kidssafetynetwork(dot)com.