Photo Of Mom Breastfeeding Stranger’s Baby And Her Own At Same Time Goes Viral

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Ironically, the most natural part of Motherhood i.e. Breastfeeding – is often surrounded by lots of controversies.

Breastfeeding In Public made headlines for a long while, now there’s something else causing a stir.

It’s about Rebecca Wanosik, a Missouri Mom of six children. Wanosik’s friend asked her for an unusual favor – to breastfeed a stranger’s baby.

“The baby’s mother was having surgery,” she said, “and the baby is exclusively breastfed and refused a bottle.”

Wanosik admitted that the choice was not an easy one but she was more than willing to help out.

When Wanosik saw the baby, she saw that she looked “hungry and exhausted.” She fed the baby and took a picture of her own child and the little girl nursing at the same time. Wanosik posted that photo to Facebook.

It caused a stir and one person commented “this is Facebook not sexbook. Facebook then disabled her account for inappropriate content.

Wanosik and her husband Anthony maintained that there was absolutely nothing wrong with posting the photo.

“They are boobs, they are meant to feed babies,” they said.

On one hand, Wanosik was doing what she could to help a mother and child who needed help. On the other, it may seem a bit unorthodox to feed a stranger’s baby. To top that – and share a photo of it on Facebook!

Wanosik’s husband reposted his wife’s post and stood up for her decision.

Although Facebook closed her account when her post went viral, they released a statement afterward, that it was a misunderstanding:

A spokesperson for Facebook said “Breastfeeding photos are allowed on Facebook. This account was disabled in error but has now been restored. Our team processes millions of reports each week and we occasionally do make a mistake, as has happened here. We apologize for this and any inconvenience caused.”

What do you think about Wanosik’s post?

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