My Heart Melted Over This Viral Breastfeeding Post On Facebook

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Breastfeeding is a choice as well as a privilege and many mothers have a difficult time breastfeeding and may stop for many reasons. I made the decision to breastfeed both of my boys and was meet with opposition, especially from my own parents who became embarrassed of me! They had formula-feed my brothers and I in the Philippines and saw breastfeeding in public as inappropriate.

I remember sitting on a toilet in a public restroom at the mall feeding my son in order to avoid vicious comments and ugly looks. It didn’t matter that my son and I were completely covered.

So how amazing would it have been for me if breastfeeding stigma didn’t exist? Amazing, but unfortunately I may never know because my boys are long past breastfeeding days.

So, when I came across Briar Lusia Mcqueen’s Facebook post this morning about a woman that showed the greatest love to a breastfeeding mother, my heart just melted.

After Briar’s son became fussy in the restaurant, she did what all mothers do and took care of his needs; she breastfed him at the table. A woman then approached her, complimented her on being a great mother, and began to cut up her food so she can eat as well.


I wished that I was there! I would hug her with my eyes filled to tears, thank her repeatedly, pay for her food and offer to make her meals. I would then submit her to my local news station’s Pay It Forward Program because this small, but incredibly kind and loving act needs to be seen for all of society to see what it means to love and respect one another.

I felt a sense of renewed hope in our society after reading Briar’s Facebook post.  For the end of public restroom toilet feedings, inappropriate commentary and disgusted looks all together, I hope this post is the start of many more so that when my boys have children of their own, the breastfeeding stigma will not exist for their wives because motherhood is difficult enough without it.



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  2. tara pittman

    June 7, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    This is very awesome. I love how this lady encouraged this mother.

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