Parents Arrested After Mother Admits Sick Truth: Father Put Baby In Microwave

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Parenting is a big responsibility and sadly, there are some people that are just not qualified for this job.

Derick and Mikala Boyce-Slezak, both 22, took their 4-month-old son to the hospital on April 11. They said that the child had a “rash.”

However, the result of CT scan indicated that the boy’s head was badly injured, including a “vertical left parietal fracture of the skull and a small left subdural hematoma.”

A hematoma is usually caused by traumatic brain injury and happens when blood pools between the brain and the skull.

The”rash” on the baby was actually a burn at second- degree with the surrounding portions being first-degree.

While Mikala had justified in the court that “someone had cleaned the infant’s face with a towel that contained a bleach-type disinfectant,” causing the burns.

When she was asked about the burns, Derick did not testify but then someone from the Children’s Division did.

According to individual report, Mikala said Derick dropped the child while attempting to imitate a commercial he’d seen on TV.

Because those are severe injuries, especially for a child. No justification will be accepted for this crime.

But the case got worse when they found out Derick put the baby in a microwave and turned it on for a short time.

This action would not be considered as an accident.

At this point it’s unclear at what point the child was removed and given to social services, but he has been and is, thankfully, in the care of more responsible foster care. Derick and Mikala are both jailed on $500,000 bond.

Derick and Mikala have both jailed on $500,000 bond.

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