Kokomo Toddler Dies After Being Suffocated By Folded Rear SUV Seat

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A Toddler has died after parents folded the seat of their SUV, not realising that the toddler was underneath it.

20-month-old,Khloe Villarreal, died on Sunday afternoon in Grant County.

Grant County Coroner Chris Butche said that Villarreal’s parents were helping a relative with their Lincoln Navigator and left her to sleep in the third-row seat.

Her mother pressed the button to let the seat automatically fold so there would be more space to load things up and didn’t realize that the toddler was there.

Butche said that their was a  miscommunication between the parents and they only realized the girl was missing after they left home, 10 minutes later.

When the toddler was found underneath the seat, she had already passed away.

The Grant County Prosecutor will determine if any charges will be filed in the case.

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