Georgia Teacher May Have Exposed Boy To HIV, Records Show

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In Ware County, Georgia, a teacher who has been charged with having sex with a 16-year-old boy might have exposed the child to HIV.

Based on Camden County jail records, Tracy Wayne Crosby, 42, is being accused of transmitting  HIV recklessly to other people.

After being arrested on November 29th, Crosby was sacked from his jobs as a Pierce County Sheriff’s deputy and a teacher.

Following her child to Georgia Waterfront park in Woodbine, the mother found Crosby having sex with her son.

 In response to Crosby’s arrest, Ware County Schools Superintendent Jim LeBrun said Crosby was placed on leave while the investigation was being carried out.

The school district is fully cooperating with all law enforcement agencies and the Professional Standards Commission,” LeBrun stated.

Pierce County Sheriff Ramsey Bennett told that Crosby had worked part-time for his agency a couple days a month for 3 years before his termination.

According to jail records, Crosby remains in custody on $150,000 bond.

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