Cafe Puts Up A Message Inviting Breastfeeding Moms For A FREE Cup Of Tea

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There has been lots of controversies around breastfeeding in public, as some people do not like to see a mother who is breastfeeding her baby in public.

Therefore a coffee shop in Sydney suburb of Willoughby named Willows decided to put up a sign inviting all breastfeeding moms to pop in and have a cup of tea for FREE to relax while breastfeeding their little ones.

Source: The Willows cafe & Wine Bar {link:}

“Breastfeeding mums,” says the sign, “pop in, have a free cup of tea if you need a pitt stop…no need to eat, no need to ask – please relax : ) Willows”.

This is probably one of the best idea’s we’ve seen lately…

Source: The Willows cafe & Wine Bar {link:}

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  1. Christine N Dave

    August 2, 2016 at 9:58 pm

    This is awesome breastfeeding mothers are looking out for the health of their babies and I am one of them and to see the way people look at you sometime breastfeeding in public is rude and disgusting do they expect you to starve your while you have to go out, I don’t think so if you don’t like it look or go somewhere else.

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