Dying dad thinks he won’t be able to see his newborn baby, so Mom induces labor…

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Becoming a mother is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to a woman. Diane Aulger can testify to that, but her magical moment came with a moment of heartbreak. After discovering she was pregnant, Diane also learned her husband only had days to live.

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Diane’s husband, Mark thought his battle was over when he beat stage 3 colon cancer. But it seems that life has its way of testing one’s faith as he was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis – a diseases that stops the flow of oxygen from the lungs to the brain and other important organs.

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Diane’s life was like a wild roller coaster. Just as she learned great news, she felt her life crash into pieces. She couldn’t’ be happier to be carrying a child with Mark, but it terrified her to know Mark might not be there when she gave birth.

To battle this, Diane made a difficult decision. While many think it’s controversial, Diane has absolutely no regrets about it. The decision allowed Mark to see his baby girl before she passed.

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Watch the emotional video below to see how Diane sacrificed so her daughter and husband could share that one special moment.


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