The Most Adorable Photo Shoot Featuring Identical Quadruplet Baby Girls

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Most parents who choose to have a new-born photo shoot of their baby, are nervous about whether their bundle of joy will sleep throughout the shoot or be cranky and cry all the time.

Well, imagine how nervous a Mom of identical quadruplet baby girls would be!

Bethany Webb, experienced just that, when she decided to have professional photos taken by photographer Cassandra Jones of Noelle Mirabella Photography.

The Canadian Moms fears were all in vain – the girls slept through the entire shoot.


Jones told Today Parents:There were absolutely no tears,” she said “In fact, they didn’t even raise an eyelid. They slept like little angels for the entire shoot.”


The photos have been posted to the Noelle Mirabella Photography Facebook Page and has since gone viral with more than 5000 likes. 

The post saidI have been dying to share these images! Last week, I had the opportunity to photograph these gorgeous IDENTICAL QUADRUPLET girls! Identical quadruplets are so rare that only about 70 sets are known to currently exist in the entire 7.4 billion population. These miracle babies were conceived without the use of fertility drugs to first-time parents, Tim and Bethani Webb. It was truly an honour to photograph all of them. I could not choose a single favourite to post, so here are a handful of my favourites.”

Naturally conceived quadruplets, Abigail, Emily, Mckayla and Grace were born on May 6th of this year.

With the girls being identical, the photographer and her assistants had a difficult time telling the girls apart. “With the exception of the smallest of the girls, Abigail, my assistants and I were not able to tell them apart with their outfits on. Prior to dressing them, we kept checking their hospital bracelets to see who was who,” Jones said.


Isn’t this just adorable?


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