7 Gorgeous Babies Born With A Full Head Of Hair

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Most expectant parents find themselves wondering what their little one will look like.

Will he or she resemble Mom or Dad most? What color eyes would baby have? Will he inherit Mom’s long eyelashes?

One thing that most expectant parents wouldn’t even think of is – what kind of hairstyle will baby have?

In fact, many babies are born with no hair whatsoever! Babies come with a lot of extra responsibilities and routines, like bath time, bed time, diaper changes – but if your baby is born with a full head of hair, this will also require a bit of maintenance.

We found some images on the web, of babies whose parents who have embraced and are proud of their little one’s lovely long locks:

1.   White-haired beauty

Image credit: reddit.com

Image credit: reddit.com

2.   “Just a picture of my 10 month old baby with her normal crazy hair. Sorry, just had to share!”

Image credit: Imgur.com

Image credit: Imgur.com


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