3 Summer Activities For Quality Family Time

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It’s summertime! Time to get in a little rest and relaxation and of course, extra time with your family. It’s important to get in quality time with your loved ones, and choosing great summer activities that will help the whole family bond is a great way to get close to each other during these sticky hot months! Whether it’s a rainy summer day or a blaring hot evening, try these summer activities to help bring the whole family together this summer!

1- Rainy Day or Night? Try These Summer Activities

If you’re all caught indoors on a rainy summer day, these ideas will keep you all close (and happy!)

  • Movie Time: grab the popcorn, huddle around the couch, and snuggle in for a good movie.
  • Pretend Play: set a beach scene on the inside even if it’s monsooning outside! Get on your suits, layout towels, cut up summer fruits, turn on the radio and engage in relaxing play and a picnic on your beach towels.
  • Trivia Challenge: break out your favorite trivia game and either play as singles or on teams with a winner takes all mentality! Maybe the losers have to do the chores for the weekend?

2- Nightly Family Walk

Out of all the summer activities, this is the most free and healthiest for all of you! Take a nightly family walk together after dinner, bringing along some tools depending on your kiddos’ ages for a fun walk!

For little ones, bring bubbles, sidewalk chalk so that they can chart their journey and miles walked, binoculars to find summer bugs and birds, or maybe a dessert on the go, like ice cream or ice pops!

If your family is really into fitness or needs a healthy boost, try these other physical summer activities to get everyone moving:

  • Crossfit
  • Family soccer: divide the family up and play against each other and if you don’t have enough people, enlist other families to form a mini-league
  • Biking: once or twice a week, make a goal to bike longer than you did the last time and chart the family’s progress on a chart the whole family can see

3-  Giant Family Project

Take on a huge complicated puzzle, try completing a hike together, fix or redecorate rooms together in the home or any other large project as a family this summer!

This can be a fun project or a not-so much fun project. The point is to work together to complete a goal in order for the family to get closer, learn to work with each other more effectively, and complete a goal so you all feel good!

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