How to Properly Sunblock Your Child

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Hopefully you found a good sunblock that will protect your child’s skin from the sun safely this summer, whether outside, in a pool, at the beach or at camp.

You can always test out a few brands of sunblock to see which works the best for your kid’s skin, whether he or she is sensitive skinned or not, but have you geared yourself up for what applying sunblock will take from you, Mom and Dad? I sure hope you have your wits and muscles ready. It’s about to get slippery and difficult. Very, very difficult.

How to Sunblock Your Child ( & Hopefully Come Out Alive)

Step 1- Find Child

Upon hearing you will be applying sunblock, your child will hide, hoping to avoid the procedure.

Step 2- Pull Back Your Hair and Prep

Pull back your hair or grab a hat, and get on your best workout clothes. Be prepared to sweat.

Step 3- Harness Child

Once you secure your child, you may want to tie him or her to a chair and if he or she is more cooperative, simply get your kiddo in a big old bear hug.

Step 4- Secure All Objects

Make sure the sunblock is properly in your hand and ready to apply. Do this quickly, for your child is apt to squirm away in a heartbeat.

Step 5- Activate Muscles

Flex your biceps and dig your heels into the ground in order to properly secure yourself to  start. Turn on the “Rocky” theme song to motivate you and amp up your strength.

Step 6- Grab a Limb

Grab your child’s limb and start to apply. Guard yourself from the jerking and twisting your child will do to get away from you. Did you put on eye guard or sunglasses? Protect your eyes. Your kiddo might strike!

Step 7- The Face

As you try to apply to the face, be prepared that instead of your child’s face, you will get the product in his or her hair, ears and other places you didn’t know existed.

Step 8- The Back and Torso

This is the easier part. Generally if you slap a bunch on and rub hard and quickly, you might be able to cover ground well. Be prepared to sweat though. This skill requires muscles!

Afterwards, you will see that the majority of sunblock ended up on you and in your kid’s hair. Hopefully you got enough on to prevent sunburn.

Happy summer!

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