4 Ways to Keep Your Child Hydrated & Healthy This Summer

4 Ways to Keep Your Child Hydrated & Healthy This Summer
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Summer. When the livin’ is easy! What child doesn’t love fireworks, swimming pools, beaches, camp and outdoor play? No child! Of course, as a parent, we love the summer too. We get to relax a little, maybe even go on vacation and perhaps get in some outdoor play ourselves.

But when it comes to summertime, there are a few health concerns that a parent has like sunburn, bug bites and the mother of all nastiness: dehydration. Sun poisoning and or lack of fluids can make a child incredibly sick. With all of the outdoor fun and mayhem, it’s not terribly unusual for even adults to get dehydrated.

Last summer when I was on the beach boardwalk, a woman my age passed out due to lack of proper foods and fluids. Our children are not much better sometimes at stopping to take a drink or bite to eat when they think they’re doing something better: playing!

Here are some tips to keep your kiddos hydrated this summer, and healthy!

Melons, Melons, Melons

Summer fruit are great sources of hydration. Watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew are just a few amazing fruits that contain a lot of water. Your little one can easily snack on them from a snack cup at the beach or a bowl at the park to stay hydrated, especially if your child doesn’t like to drink water. Not all kids particularly love drinking water, so that’s why I always recommend parents starting kids with water early on so they can get kids into the habit young. Melons can be cubed and carried easily. Keep them with you for those busy kids on the go,go,go!

Healthier Ice Pops

Take 1/2 part juice and 1/2 part water and make healthier ice pops your kids can enjoy while outside by the pool or backyard. You’ll feel better knowing they’re not getting sugar-filled treats but instead, a mix of water and a healthy juice of your choice. Your kids won’t complain about drinking plain water either.

Time It

Use your smartphone and set a timer for every hour outside to take a drink of water or juice! Encourage a small snack too. Eating small frequent meals and healthy snacks is good for everyone, regardless of age.

Shade Time

Just as I suggested timing drink breaks, you should do the same for sun time! Obviously you’re going to use a good sunblock on your child as well as rash guard, hats and umbrellas (if outside at the beach or pool), but after some time in the sun, a little shade can go a long way to keeping your children hydrated and healthy this summer!

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