Woman’s ‘Kidney Infection’ Turned Out To Be A BABY

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A woman recently discovered that her “kidney infection”  was, in fact, a full-term baby.

She gave birth to a little boy less than 24 hours later on her grandmother’s sofa, after only 22 minutes of labour.

Not only did Katie O’Brien have no idea she was pregnant, but in the months leading up to the birth, she had lost a lot of weight.

Katie said that she did not feel her son move once during the 9 months that she carried him and there was no sign of a baby bump.

She said: ‘When my GP’s receptionist called me and told me he thought I was pregnant, I was so shocked, I nearly dropped my phone.

I had been with my boyfriend, Ryan, for four years, but we certainly hadn’t been trying for a child.’

Katie, a cleaner from South Wales, went to the doctor on March 2, after a day of going backwards and forwards to the toilet and pains down the side of her right hip.

Doctors suspected she had a kidney infection and she was asked to produce a urine sample.

Typically, I couldn’t give one at the surgery, so took the sample pot home with me,’ she said.

‘I thought it must be nerves, but was fine when I got home and took the sample back to the surgery later that day.’

She later received a phone call from the GP’s receptionist, telling her the doctor thought she was pregnant.

Back home, bursting into the front room, she found her grandfather Anthony Warburton – who she lives with as well as grandmother Joan – speaking to her aunt Tracy.

I remember blurting out, “I might be pregnant. My GP says I need to get to hospital,” and seeing their jaws drop,’ recalled Katie.

Anthony, 69, jumped up, steering her out of the house and into the car.

‘Overwhelmed, I was panicking and crying,’ said Katie.

‘Grandad was brilliant. So calming, he kept telling me everything would be fine.’

At Ystarad Mynach Hospital, they were joined by her mother, Kay Shingler.

She remembers the moment when the sonographer ran a scanner over her stomach and she heard her baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

She said: ‘I looked down at my tummy, but I didn’t even have a bump.

‘Over the previous nine months; I’d actually been dieting and had lost a stone and a half.’

Katie still could not comprehend how she could be pregnant.

Her periods had been irregular, but that was normal for her and she had not felt the baby move once.

She had an even bigger shock when the doctor said he believed the baby was full term.Katie was told that he had probably been tucked up near her ribs throughout her pregnancy, which is why she had not felt him.

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