Waitress Leaves Mom In Tears At Her 6-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

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Unanticipated acts of plain old kindness are very much unexpected these days.

Most of us will probably be able to count on one hand the number of times an absolute stranger did anything even remotely kind for them.

Boy Scouts are those kids who are known to help little old ladies cross the street or help get a cat stuck in a tree.

These are nice things to do for another but when an act of kindness is so unexpected and out of the blue and we don’t even know who was responsible for it – it will definitely not go unnoticed. This is exactly what happened at an Applebee’s in Washington, Pa.

A stranger did something for Jolie Welling and her family that they will not forget for a very long time.

Welling was in the Applebee’s with her 6-year-old daughter, Sofia, a kindergarten student, along with 16 of their friends and family. They were all there celebrating Sofia’s birthday

The entire bunch was celebrating in utter style with “drinks, appetizers, and full-course meals.” Welling had made cupcakes for the occasion and had brought them into the restaurant with her.

After they finished eating their meals, the candles were blown out, and the cupcakes were readily eaten. Then it was time to settle the bill with the restaurant by paying the tab, which Welling was going to do without anyone else pitching in.

When Welling got the attention of the waitress who had been serving them, Samantha Powell, she was in for the surprise of her life when the waitress came over and made an announcement to everyone who was seated at the table.

They could hardly believe what the Waitress told them.

Someone, unknown to any one of them, had anonymously picked up the entire tab.

When the waitress said that she could not reveal who the stranger had been, Welling, along with all of the guests, began to tear up.

The Birthday Girl Image credit: Jodie Welling Facebook

Apparently, the couple who paid the tab has been doing this gesture for years. The restaurant’s assistant manager, Bernie Lewis, says that she is sworn to secrecy and will not make the paying couple’s names public.

Powell was able to disclose that they always say one thing. The anonymous man says, “I grew up poor and now I’m not.”

Welling had this to say about the whole thing: “Life is so complicated as it is, and you just work and work and work and struggle, and you try to enjoy every moment you can and having my 6-year-old see that someone did this act of kindness really shows her that there are good people in this world.”

Her daughter Sofia said it made her so happy. Because of what happened to them, Welling is now determined to pay it forward the next time they go out to eat.

While these random acts may not be as common as they perhaps were in the past, they still happen.

It takes very little effort to be kind to others, and we can all take a lesson from this anonymous stranger who showed just how easy it can be.

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