Two Kids Were Almost Abducted At Knifepoint – Here’s How To Protect Your Child From Abductions

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These kids were almost abducted at knife point – luckily they got away safely and they had the confidence to report the incident to police almost immediately. This expert has some extreme advice on how to protect your child from abductions – you want to watch this:

Via ABC 6 News

Every person reacts differently to stress, the ‘fight or flight’ term comes to mind, what this means is in a stressful situation a child will either freeze or run away.

In the video Stephanie Holt says that parents should actually be practicing with their kids what they should be doing in this type of situation. A few good tips were highlighted:

  • Practice with your kids through scenario role playing. If a stranger came up to them, what they would say and do? Practice saying terms like ‘no’ and teaching them if they feel uncomfortable to not be polite and to scream and yell.
  • Have your kids get lost in a store on purpose – to practice looking for a store staff member, mom with kids or police officer to go up to them to ask for help.
  • Agree on a password – if you want to help your kids not to go in the car with a stranger, tell your kids there is a password and if this person doesn’t know the password to not go in the car, regardless if they know them or not.
  • Teach your kids about how predators use tactics like ‘help find my dog’ or ‘help with grocery packets’ – and how they should respond to these – ‘I can’t help you but I will find an adult to help’.

Click here for further tips on how to protect your children from abduction.

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