GPS Tracking Devices For Kids

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Best GPS Tracking Devices For Kids

Every parent dreads that moment when you cannot locate your child, that feeling of complete helplessness and fear. We sit in an era where technology is being developed continuously to help improve our lives and what better tech gadget than a tracking device to help find your child!

Below are devices that are available, from the very affordable to the most advanced and cool piece of technology on the market. You should also teach your kids a few basic safety tips for when going out in public.


$199, pre-order, hereO

The hereO is a GPS watch designed for children so parents can keep track of their location. The watch is the world’s smallest real-time GPS location device created specifically for children (ages 3 and up). By remembering historical locations, the phone helps parents track their children throughout the day and helps them ensure their children haven’t visited any unsafe places.

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2. FiLIP 2

$149, Amazon (Affiliate)

The FiLIP 2 is a wrist watch, GPS locator, and cell phone that works with an accompanying iOS or Android application. Its modern, light-weight, water-resistant design makes it a top choice in the children’s wearables market.


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 3. BeLUvv Guardian

For parents who want a lower-cost alternative to GPS, a Bluetooth device like the BeLUvv Guardian is a great option. The device is paired with an iOS/Android application that allows you to track your child within a 20-45 meter radius while at the playground or mall. The application also allows you to invite others to “co-guard” your child.

BeLuvv Guardian

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4. Tinitell

$149, pre-order, Tinitell

Tinitell, a single-button wrist phone and GPS/Bluetooth locator that makes calls using voice recognition, is a great middle ground for parents who want voice connection with their children without the bells and whistles of similar products. It comes with an accompanying iOS and Android application and can be used with a sim card from any cell service provider.

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5. My Buddy Tag

$14.97  – $39.99, Buddy Tag

Another wearable children’s safety device that utilizes Bluetooth is My Buddy Tag. The My Buddy Tag is an affordable option for budget-conscious parents who want a safety backup plan. It also has a unique feature that alerts parents when the wristband is submerged in water for 5 consecutive seconds. You are also able to select a range from the Buddy Tag + Wristband or Velcro Wristband and pricing ranges from $14.97 up to $39.99.

My Buddytag
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6. PocketFinder

$129.95 + 12.95 Monthly Service Plan, PocketFinder

This device uses GSM and GPS, and is a great choice for those searching for an extremely rugged location device that can be worn on the wrist or dropped in a backpack or pocket. If your child is prone to removing or breaking wearables, the Pocket Finder is about as accident-proof as wearables come. The PocketFinder features a unique “tap alert,” which allows children to send an SOS message by tapping the device three times on hard surface, as well as an accelerometer that alerts parents when a pre-set speed is exceeded.


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7. Lineable

$20, Amazon

Arguably the most affordable option on the market, the Lineable is a Bluetooth-powered location device engineered to last approximately one year from the time of purchase. Its minimalist design and no-charging-required battery life make it an obvious choice for parents who want a bare-bones location device for the playground or a trip to the mall. Anyone with the Lineable Application that is within range of the device can assist parents in locating their missing child using what the company calls “Crowdsource GPS.”

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