GPS Tracking Devices For Kids

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8 GizmoPal

$79, GizmoPal

The GizmoPal is an LG wrist-band cell phone available for purchase through Verizon Wireless. It uses GPS and the Verizon Cellular Network to locate and has a simple one-button calling feature, as well as an auto-answer feature that ensures parents can always get through to their children.

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9 Amber Alert

$125, AMBERAlertGPS

The Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator is a durable, child friendly product that works hand-in-hand with our easy-to-use parent app and portal, keeping busy families connected with tracking information and voice functionality.

Amber Alert GPS
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10 Trax

$99, Trax (Affiliate)

Trax Personal GPS Tracker offers top of the line results and intricacy. Trax is weather and water resistant, durable, and can be slipped into a child’s pocket, clipped onto a backpack or article of clothing, or worn on a lanyard. Once on, an app manages geo-fences, speed limits, and real-time mapping settings determined by the user. Geo-fences are predetermined boundaries and safe zones parents can create on the app. When the Trax goes in and out of these geo-fences parents will be alerted. Trax geo-fences do not have size limits and a user can set up an unlimited amount of them.

Trax Personal GPS Tracker
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11 BiKN

BiKN comes with tags that can be hooked onto a child’s backpack or clothes and a smart case which attaches to your iPhone—plans to make it Android-friendly are in the works. Once the free app is downloaded to your phone, BiKN can keep track of up to eight color-coded tags using the two-way radio-enabled smart case.

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12 Mommy I’m Here

$39.95, Mommy I’m Here

Mommy I’m Here is one of the simplest and cheapest child locators on the market. It does not have GPS capabilities but uses a keychain transmitter to send an alarm to a wearable, sturdy, and water resistant teddy bear. If a child wanders too far or out of sight, a parent simply pushes the button to send an 86-decible alarm to the bear. The transmitter must be about 150 feet of the locator to work.

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