This Toddler Sobbing As He Meets His Baby Sister Will Make You Bawl Her Eyes Out

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When photographer Jordan Burch arrived in the delivery room to photograph the significant meeting of a 22-month-old boy and his brand-new baby sister, she didn’t expect for little Jackson to be so, so, so upset.

“Today didn’t go at all how I expected it to,” Jordan wrote on her blog about the photo shoot. “Usually, when moms have me come to the hospital, to capture their first-born meeting their sibling, it’s pretty stinkin’ adorable.”

Not that the toddler wasn’t completely adorable, but with most kids, Jordan wrote, “there is holding and kissing and lots of questions involved.”

At first, Jackson seemed to like his little sister and even said her name. “She was OK until she found a spot on your momma’s lap, beside you,” Jordan wrote in a letter to Jackson himself. “And then, well, that wasn’t very good at all.”

From there, the “ultimate momma’s boy” started crying, then screaming, then crying some more.

I watched as your tears broke your momma’s heart,” she wrote. “The good news is your love will grow for that sister of yours, maybe not today or tomorrow or anytime soon, but one day. You’ll love your momma so much more because she gave you a sister who is going to love you like crazy, too. I’m pretty sure that makes you one of the luckiest kids in the world even if it doesn’t feel like it yet.”

These images of the fateful meeting are adorable and heartbreaking all at once, and if you’re a mom of two, they certainly tug your heartstrings!

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