Toddler Saved From Drowning by 8-Year-Old-Girl

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Swimming lessons are very beneficial for any child spending time near water. It can not only save a child’s own life but may even help them to respond and help when somebody else in trouble.

This exactly what happened in North Austin recently, when an eight-year-old girl, Cayleigh Hunt, saved a toddler from drowning.

Cayleigh had been swimming in the pool at her Grandparents apartment when she noticed a 3-year old girl in trouble.

Cayleigh said: “”I just turned around and she was like trying, just like struggling to come up,”

“I lifted her up from underneath so she could breathe, and then I grabbed on to her and I pushed her over to the steps where she could stand so she could start breathing again. Her parents were surprised, but they were happy at the same time and one of them wanted to hug me.”

Cayleigh recalled the toddler’s parents being very surprised and happy at the same time. After incessantly thanking her, the parents just wrapped their daughter up and took her home.


Cayleigh’s parents say that they are extremely proud of her and want parents to put their children in a swim class, just like they did with Cayleigh, as they may just run into a similar situation.

37 children in Texas have died in drowning accidents this year – this is according to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. These incidents can happen so quickly so the advice from Cayleigh’s parents should certainly be taken up.

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  1. Ashley Young

    June 19, 2016 at 10:33 am

    Great story. However, why is a toddler swimming with no life jacket, floaties, supervision, etc?

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