Toddler Safety Step Stools

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Does “I can do it by myself” or “it’s my turn” sound familiar? If it does, you must have a toddler in your house.

Being able to wash their own hands or grab a book off their shelf are tasks that make them proud to show off their independance. Safety stools are a way for them to do just that – and we’ve got a list of some eye-catching designs that’s going to take your toddler another step toward independence (no pun intended).

1. spoiltrottn Kids Step Stools

Price: $65, Etsy

These beautiful stools are handmade and can be personalised to your own specifications. Its made from wood and painted with non toxic paint.

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2. Little Colorado Solid Color Kid’s Step Stool

Price: $37.99, Amazon (Affiliate)

This solid pine stool has a built in carrying handle and is even sturdy enough to support an adult. Steps are 5″ and 10″ high.

Personalisation is also available in blue, red, white, green, pink and black letters – at an additional cost of $6.50 per name.

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3. Graco Deluxe Step Stool

Price: $16.60, Amazon (Affiliate)

This budget friendly stool features a non-slip surface and skid-resistant rubber footing for security. The contoured shape of the stool easily nests against an adult-sized toilet. It is lightweight and can be pushed or carried with ease by your toddler.

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4.Dibsies Step Stool with Storage

Price: $44.95, Amazon (Affiliate)

The Step Stool with Storage is a great gift for kids who like to be brave and do as much on their own as possible. The top step lifts to reveal convenient storage. It can also be personalized to your taste and there are 5 different fonts available.

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