If You Thought The Terrible Twos Were Bad Experts Say The ‘Threenager’ Is Worse!

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We’ve all heard of the ’terrible twos’ phase but experts are now agreeing that while those two year old’s are getting a bad rap, it’s really the ‘threenager’ that parents need to be wary of!

At two they can be whiny and a bit defiant, but at 3 they can actually talk a lot more and it seems their attitude is beginning to fully develop!

Two-year-olds get a bad wrap but once you get a threenager, they come with attitude,” Australian parenting expert Pinky McKay, told MailOnline.

McKay explains the reason for the shift in attitude.

“When kids hit three, their language develops in leaps and bounds,” she says.

“No longer are they just saying “no”; now they’re negotiating like tiny lawyers.”

Some are saying the reason behind the increase in temper tantrums and frustration with 3-year-olds is due to increased screen time.

Dr Justin Coulson told The Courier-Mail that he feels this is the case.

“There’s evidence that too much time in front of screens is having a negative impact, that when we start putting our threenagers in front of these screens, we create more temper tantrums, more self-regulation problems,” he said.

McKay offers some advice for parents who are dealing with their own threenager.

“Don’t take it personally,” she said.

“Let your child have increasing control over things that are safe and don’t matter too much. She needs to clean her teeth and wear a seat belt but does it really matter if she wants to wear gumboots with her party dress?”

McKay also suggests to remember that you are the adult in the situation.

Also, don’t get drawn in and argue with your threenager ,” she suggests. “Remember you are an adult.”

I think it’s very easy for parents to fall in to the trap of actually arguing with a child who simply wants to argue when it’s best to set firm rules for them.

There are lots of great things about three-year-olds too,” Ms McKay said.

“Their imaginations are coming on board, they can listen attentively to books and may even be able to read from picture books.”

Still, she recommends that a 3-year-old get plenty of sleep and have lots of time to free play, and limit screen time.

So hang in there, because four is a pretty fun age!

What is your experience, would you agree?

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