Ten “Old School” Toys That Were Definitely Too Dangerous For Us To Be Playing With

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These vintage toys – which you or your grandparents probably played with! – definitely should not have been intended for use by children!

#10 – Toys that contained toxic heavy metals, particularly lead and cadmium. We’re talking Barbies, Little People sets and My Little Pony figures!

#9 – Creepy Crawlers, also known as Thing Makers, were removed from the market due to safety concerns. The electric hotplate included in the kit reached insane temperatures and countless kids got burned.

#8 – Working toy ovens, irons, etc. (marketed only to girls!), reached temperatures as high as 250F!

#7 – The Wham-O Air Blaster released compressed air up to 20 feet in distance. Although not intended for this use, children could load dangerous objects into the barrel and shoot from the toy gun.

#6 – With the Gilbert Molten Lead Casting Kit kids could turn a toxic heavy metal (lead) into a liquid. Temperatures were as high as 400F!

#5 – Steam driven train toys used hot steam to create their own fuel, often tipping over when crashing into furniture, leaving a trail of destruction.

#4 – A glass blowing kit. In order to change the shape of glass, it must first reach it’s softening point, which could exceed 1000F. Need we say more?

#3 – The Austin Magic Pistol could shoot a hard plastic ball up to 100ft using calcium carbide crystals. In many states this collectors item is now classified as a firearm.

#2 – The “kid friendly” and “safe” Gilbert Chemistry set included poisonous, flammable substances with experiments such as “how to create an explosive”.

#1 – The Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab Kit exposed children to radioactive materials that today we know are linked to cancer, leukemia, lymphoma and other diseases.

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