Steam Inhalers For Kids

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When children suffer from head and chest congestion and clogged sinuses, steam inhalers can often help. The inhalers uses the moist heat generated by steam to soothe clogged and irritated airways. It’s is a safe way to help alleviate upper respiratory symptoms associated with the common cold, flu and bronchitis, in the comfort of your own home.

Here is a list of steam inhalers created with kids in mind:

1. Margo Moo HealthSmart Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer with Aromatherapy Tank 

Price: $43.60, Amazon

This cute animal themed inhaled will make your child smile. It has adjustable steam control which lets you create small particles for inhaling through the nose or large particles to inhale through the mouth. It’s compact which makes it ideal for travel.

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2. MyPurMist Handheld Steam Inhaler / Steam Vaporizer Premium Kit

Price: $199.90, Amazon

Previously only available in hospitals, this portable and handheld steam inhaler is in fact suitable for the entire family. It uses only water, so it’s drug-free with no fear of overdosing and there is absolutely no boiling water existent. The device also turns itself off after 20-25 minutes!

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3. Vanker Handheld Steam Inhaler

Price: $27.19, Amazon

This inhaler has been designed to offer a compact and lightweight unit for receiving inhalation treatments. It’s known for a “quiet treatment” and is suitable for all ages.

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4. Digger Dog HealthSmart Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer with Aromatherapy Tank 

Price: $38, Amazon

Basically the same product as the Margo Moo inhaler listed above, but this one comes in at more than $5 cheaper.

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5. Uniclife Rechargeable Mini USB Inhaler / Pocket Handheld Ultrasonic Humidifier

Price: $29.99, Amazon

A pocket size, compact and portable inhaler which is easy to use, easy to carry and is virtually silent in use. It comes with two masks – 1 adult size and 1 child size.

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