Signs of Kindergarten Readiness: Social Skills and Beyond

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Is your child going to kindergarten next year? Does he or she truly seem ready to rumble in the big world of elementary school? There are many important signs of kindergarten readiness and I am sure your child’s preschool teacher or pediatrician has gone over them with you to discuss if your child is ready to handle the social and educational life called kindergarten, but some parents worry too much about the ABC’s and not enough about social skills. The fact is social skills are one of the biggest “must-have’s” in order for your child to truly show he or she has true “kindergarten readiness” and capable of succeeding in kindergarten.

Not Just ABC’s: Social Skills Prepare Children for Kindergarten

It’s great if your child knows how to write his or her full name and knows all of the letters by sight and sound…however,  there are other signs of kindergarten readiness that don’t come from academic preparation.

1- Group Learning & Attention Span:

Can  your child listen to directions from an adult and then carry out what was asked?

Does your child know to raise his or her hand, wait his turn and listen while other peers or an adult is speaking?

These key behaviors typically needed in a group learning situation are just as important as knowing the letter “b” from the letter “c.”

2- Ready to Play

A major sign of kindergarten readiness that goes along with sharing and taking turns is: is your kiddo ready to play? Does he or she participate with other peers in play or group activity?  Can he or she join in on a group and work with others?

Your child’s ability to socialize and work in a group of his or her peers is a very important skill needed for kindergarten.


Is your child able to button his or her coat or go to the bathroom by his or herself? Is he or she self-sufficient?

Knowing that your child is independent, ready to play and has the ability to participate with social graces in a group learning setting are ways you can know that your little one is ready for kindergarten.

Pushing your child to go to kindergarten before he or she is ready will only allow for a bad experience for your child and could impact how he or she views school. If you feel your child isn’t ready, waiting one more year certainly will help your child and will also not hurt your child’s success in the least!

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