Rescue Dog Saves Toddler From Killer Snake

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Rescue dogs often come from bad homes and have a history of abuse, so to be able to give them a good home with lots to eat, and lots of love is truly an amazing gift.

This is exactly how an Australian family felt when they decided to take an abused Doberman named Khan into their home.

The family promised that they were going to do everything they could to make sure that he felt like a part of their family. Catherine, the Mother in the family home, was going to make sure of it!

On the fourth day in his new home, Catherine saw the dog acting strangely  around her 17-month-old daughter named Charlotte. The dog was pushing the child around in the backyard, and before Catherine could do anything, her daughter went flying through the air.

At first Catherine was horrified but was even more frightened when Khan let out a yelp that sounded like he had been stabbed.

Catherine knew that Khan had been abused in his previous home, so naturally she thought that Khan was pushing the little girl around and snapping his teeth.

However, before she had the chance to react, Khan grabbed Charlotte by her diaper and threw her a few feet across the yard. Then suddenly, the Mom heard a horrible yelp of pain.

Khan had actually been bitten in the paw by a king brown snake – one of Australia’s most deadly animals – a child of Charlotte’s age and size could have had potentially fatal consequences.

However because Khan had been bitten in the paw, it kept the snake at bay. He protected the little girl from the deadly creature. He barked at it angrily, in spite of the venom coursing through his veins.

He scared the snake away before collapsing.

Thankfully, Catherine managed to rush Khan to a clinic which had an antivenom, and Khan survived!

What an amazing story …


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