The Pressure Mothers Face and Its Affect on Children

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When you succumb to the pressures of being the perfect mom what are you showing your children?

Lets back up a bit. Lets take a look at all the pressures and judgement moms face. Somehow throughout the years society decided that moms need to be perfect. By perfect I mean you’ve got to be organic, gluten free, crafty, Pinterest party throwing, put together at all times, in shape, perfectly tempered… You get the idea. It’s never ending. Moms are required to be picture perfect in every way and if not the judgement and pressure ensues.

Its overwhelming. Point, blank, period. There’s no way to sugar coat that. And we wonder why moms are so burnt out.

The part about this that’s mind blowing is that all of this “picture perfect” living is not going to be something our children remember. They wont remember the perfect craft, the perfect outfits, or the organic made from scratch applesauce you served them. In reality none of that matters to them. They’re kids, they want to have fun.

Are we teaching our children perfectionism? It’s certainly possible we’re teaching them that at all times they must be perfect and that every moment must be Pinterest worthy. That is a lot of pressure to put on our sweet children, who by nature are messy, dirty, wild and perfectly imperfect. As if they will not face enough pressure and judgement from their peers.

There is definitely nothing wrong with teaching your children to strive for the moon. I think every parent wants their children to always give their best and work hard. But we’ve also got to teach our children that it’s okay if you land among the stars and not to beat yourself up when you fall short. Doing your best IS enough. Not every single moment of life has to be Pinterest perfect.

Sometimes we just overcomplicate life. Life is meant to be lived, wild, crazy, hectic, simple, and sweet.

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