Please Watch This Video If You Have A Daughter

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This video, actually made to introduce a new magazine for girls, is one that every parent of a little girl needs to see and hear the powerful message.

The video starts by introducing Ellie, a five-year old girl. Ellie knows a lot of things – how to brush her teeth, how to put on her shoes and even read her sister. She knows she’s smart, fast, strong and unique.

We’ve all heard the saying “It’s a man’s world” and yes the road to gender equality has certainly made progress, but this world can still be a tough one for girls. Ellie doesn’t know this yet.

She doesn’t know:

  • only one-fifth of head chefs are female.
  • No woman has ever been nominated for the best cinematography at the academy awards.
  • By middle school, girls earn higher grades in science but feel less confident than boys.
  • Sixty percent of girls give up doing something they love because they don’t like the way they look.
  • What a diet is, but by the age of eleven, thirty percent of girls would have tried one.

Although these may sound defeating, the important thing to remember is that Ellie (or your daughter) does not know any of these things yet and perhaps she doesn’t need to!

If we keep it this way, the possibilities are limitless.

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