Pictures Of A Kid Playing With His Giant Furry Dog Goes Viral – So Cute!

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A Man’s (Or Kid’s) Best Friend…

Big and small, these loveable creatures come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some are tiny, some are big, others fluffy and some have wired hair.

There are also a variety of breeds which each has its own special features.

One of the most stylish dog breeds out there is the Hungarian Sheepdog. The breed is made for guarding and originated from European region.

They are known for their long, corded coat which resembles dreadlocks.

Mark Zuckerberg is also the owner of a Hungarian sheepdog.

They are just absolutely stunning to look at!

Photographer Andy Seliverstoff loves huge dog breeds and has created a series called ‘Little Kids and their big dogs‘ which capture these magnificent hounds and danes with little kids in and around St Petersburg, Russia.

Pictures from Andy’s collection that feature the amazing Hungarian Sheepdog playing in the snow with a kid has gone viral – and if you the pictures, you will tell why.


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