Pets: Baby Safety Around Your Four-Legged Friends

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Are you the proud owner of family pets, from cats to dogs? Are you getting ready to bring a new arrival to the family though?

One that is not furry and four-legged, but chubby and two-legged? Many family four-legged friends are wonderful with babies and children but still, a parent needs to keep his or her baby safe around a pet by considering the following things:

Pets & Babies: Staying Safe

1- Consider Your Pet:

Right before a new baby comes, a family pet can sense the changes. Cats may spray or hide out of fear. How can you help the pets adjust? Here are a few things:

  • Put some sticky tape on a crib or bassinet railing to help get your cat used to not jumping in the crib now before the baby even arrives.
  • Use baby gates to block an animal’s access to a baby’s room. It’s smart to put up the gate ssooner than later, pre-baby arrival. This will help your four-legged friend adjust to the change!
  • Let him smell an item from the baby as soon as the baby is home from the hospital
  • Take the dog on a walk with a baby doll in a stroller
  • Don’t scold a pet who is constantly coming near you and the baby (unless the pet is aggressive)

2- Always be in the room when the pet is with or near your baby:

Common sense rule!

3- Keep Kids Away From Pet Food:

Once your baby starts crawling, pet food will be very, very interesting, so be sure to gate the baby off from your pet’s food quarters.

4- Let the Pet Sleep & Eat:

Pets don’t like to be disturbed when eating or sleeping, so teach your baby from the get-go to leave Cleo the kitty alone when resting or nibbling.

5- Teach Your Child How to Pet the Dog or Cat:

Once your baby is old enough, teaching the child to pet your family furry friend the right way– in the direction the fur is going, and gently, is a smart way to keep pet and baby BFF’s for life!

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