Nautical Necessities For The Ultimate Summer Beach Trip

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When you’re packing for the beach, you usually think about your bathing suit, beach towel, and sunscreen. These are essentials that most people will need while swimming or soaking up the sun. There are a few other necessities that you’ll want to pack in your bag so that you’re prepared for anything while away from home.


While some hotels offer small bottles of shampoo and conditioner and small packs of soap, they might not be the same quality that you’re used to at home. You can usually get travel-sized items of your favorite products, such as shaving cream, laundry detergent, soap and more so that you have a little taste of home with you when you’re at the beach. If your hotel room has a kitchen, then you want to pack dish detergent for the pots and pans and plastic products so that you don’t have to wash dishes all the time.

Important Documents

Paperwork isn’t something that you would expect to pack for the beach. If you’re leaving the country, you’ll need your passport. Make sure you have a list of emergency numbers and a list of medications that everyone is allergic to in case of an emergency. Keep your insurance card in the car at all times and a list of phone numbers for auto accident attorneys, like The Law Offices of Gregg Durlofsky, in the event that something happens while you’re traveling. If you have the necessary documents ready, then it will make filing any claim or seeking any kind of treatment much easier than if you would have to rely on calling someone.


When you’re on the beach, especially with young children, the sun can start burning the skin without minutes. If the wind is blowing, then you’ll begin to burn faster. Pack a beach tent for the little ones so that they can still enjoy playing in the sand while being protected from the sun. There are some beach tents that have enough space for everyone in the family, allowing you to enjoy your time without dealing with the sun and the wind.

Sand Toys

Instead of buying new toys to play in the sand with, save a few plastic ice cream containers and other plastic bowls as they are similar to sand buckets. You can build castles with a variety of details with all of the different sizes of containers you have. The containers can also be used to keep all of the seashells in that you want to take home.

Packing for the beach can be fun because it means spending time with the family. You want to take a few essentials from home that will make staying in your room a little more comfortable. Create a list of things that you want to pack so that you don’t leave anything behind.

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