Mother Admits To Poisoning Her 7-Week-Old Baby On Purpose And Killing Him

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Heartbreaking story of a little boy whose short life was cut when his mother took away any chance he had.

A 7 week old baby boy has died and his Mother admits to being the one responsible for that.

Hannah Turtle has been charged with the death of her little boy, James. But, she refused to take responsibility in court–at first.

But now, it seems she’s ready to admit to what she alleges she did and she plead guilty to being responsible for the death of her little boy.

The details surrounding his death are absolutely heartbreaking.

The baby had been through so much in his very short life and it’s hard to really understand why.

Hannah Turtle admits to killing her 7-week-old baby boy and putting him through pain that no one should ever place on anyone.

The 22-year-old Mom from Shotton, North Wales says she heard voices telling her that she was a “bad mother” and that she didn’t deserve him. She admits that these voices she heard is what led her to killing her son.

The details on how she killed her son are so hard to hear and it wasn’t fast for her little boy.

According to details, the Mother of the seven-week-old boy first started to poison little James’ formula. Details say that she purposely put her own anti-depressant medication into the baby’s bottle which is toxic to a baby of that size.

When Hannah was first arrested, she held on to saying that she didn’t murder her son, that it was something else that happened.

However, just last week, she changed her plea to admit that she was the one responsible for his death and more details came out over what happened.
The Mom admits to having stopped her son’s breathing three times before he died.

Reports say that his breathing had stopped 3 times over the 10 days prior to his death. The third time she stopped his breathing was what led to his death.

In May 2016, Hannah Turtle put her hand over James’ nose and mouth and held it there until he stopped breathing, despite the little baby struggling against her.

In May 2016, reports indicate that the mom deliberately stopped him from breathing so he turned blue. Paramedics were called and little James was taken to the hospital.

The baby received treatment and then was apparently discharged back into Hannah Turtle’s care and was said to be in good health.

But not even 4 days later, Hannah tried to suffocate him again when she was left alone with him. Reports say he “became floppy” was resuscitated and suffered a seizure on his way to the hospital.

Doctors were not able to find a medical condition for what happened and he remained in hospital for three days and then was released back home.

Not even 3 days after James was back home, the Mother admits to that being the time she tried to suffocate him again, and this time was what killed him.

Reports say that she put her hands over his nose and mouth for about 5 to 10 minutes before he went lifeless.

She sat with his body for a few minutes, left the room where her son’s lifeless body was, and then when she reentered the room, she pretended she had just found him like that.

Sadly, James did not recover this time and had suffered brain damage from a “devastating lack of oxygen and blood”, and died in hospital. He was just 58 days old.

Sentencing has yet to be determined.

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