Husbands Stress Women Out Twice As Much As Children, Study Shows

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Sadly in many cases, women feel like they are a parent to their partners as well, and lack their support.

When this is the case, it drains the Mom’s energy and causes stress on a daily basis.

Marriage is as demanding as much as motherhood is for many women, and researchers have now found that an average mom rates her stress levels an 8.5 out of 10, and even 46% of the women involved in the study reported that their husbands are causing more stress than their children!

Here is a summary of the interesting findings:

* 3 in every 4 mothers with partners claim that do most of the parenting and household duties
* 1 in every 5 mothers claims that the main cause of stress is the lack of help from her husband
* Mothers claim that most stress is a result of the lack of time to do everything that needs to be done at home

In addition to this, researchers from the University of Padova found that after the death of their wives, the health of husbands deteriorates, while in the opposite case, when women lose their husbands, they actually become healthier and cope with depression and stress much easier.

This means that men actually relied more heavily on their wives.

To solve these problems, and reduce stress, there are more things which can help:

Firstly, partners should split their responsibilities, such as doctor appointments, organizing events as well as homework duties.

If this is not a possibility, start talking on the subject and explain to your husband about the stress that you are exposed to on a daily basis.

You can also make a to-do-list or a shared calendar.

In some cases, men would actually love to be the best father and husband in the world, but their wives do not trust them enough to give them important responsibilities.Therefore, resist the temptation to do all by yourself in order to be done “perfectly”, and ask your partner to step in and help with his contribution.

A lot of couples leave their relationship behind and mainly focus on being parents, which is not good.

Remember that you are partners and individuals too, so make sure you spend some time for yourself, and some time dedicated to your partner only.

Happy Mom = Happy Family!

Featured Image:

Woman Makes Shocking Confession About Putting Four Newborns In Concrete-Filled Buckets


A woman from Japan was arrested after police say she confessed to putting four newborns in concrete-filled buckets two decades ago and having been filled with guilt over not caring for her babies.

Human remains were found in four buckets found in her condominium, an Osaka police official said, requesting anonymity due to department policy.

Mayumi Saito, 53, was arrested this week on charges of abandoning bodies, a day after she turned herself in at the police station.

Saito was quoted by police saying that she put the bodies into concrete from 1992 through 1997 because she had been too poor to raise them – but she had been filled with guilt over the years.

Saito had a part-time job, but details of her work, family and comments are not available.

The causes of the babies’ deaths were unclear.

It is quite standard in Japan for criminal charges to be added later as an investigation progresses.

Although Japan is the world’s third-largest economy and has a reputation for being economically advanced, poverty remains a problem, especially among women.

Social support such as affordable daycare is lacking for Mothers to work while child-rearing, as well as to get counselling and other help to cope with parenting duties and mental stress.

Japanese media reports quote the woman as saying she had no one to talk to or turn to.

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