Heart Warming Story: Dad Forced to Tearfully Kiss 2-Year-Old Daughter Goodbye after Mom and Boyfriend Send Her to Hospital

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Doctors at the hospital did everything they could…

Heart Warming Story: Dad Forced to Tearfully Kiss 2-Year-Old Daughter Goodbye after Mom and Boyfriend Send Her to Hospital

If there is such a thing as mother’s instinct, a mom named Sanda Alibabic lacks it. The Slovenian woman, along with her boyfriend Mirzan Jakupi, is now being accused of murdering her own daughter.

Alibabic decided to leave her husband, Senad Kardasevic, last year to be with Jakupi. This left the divorced couple co-parenting their little daughter, Arina.

Photo source: Senad Kardasevic

Meanwhile, Alibabic and Jakupi moved in together, blending their families. A short while into their new arrangement, Kardasevic began to notice bruises on his daughter.

Of course, every child gets bruises from various bumps and such, but these seemed more sinister and deliberate. He reported this to local child protective services but nothing came of it.

Social services were unable to find any evidence of abuse and dropped the case. Unfortunately, the situation soon escalated.

Kardasevic was on his way to visit Arina when he received the worst phone call of his life. On the other end of the line, doctors were telling him that Arina was in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Her mother, Alibabic, had called an ambulance claiming that the toddler had run into a radiator. But Arina’s broken bones and bruises told a different, much more harrowing story.

Doctors at the hospital did everything they could to keep Arina alive. Meanwhile, they called the police, leading to the arrest of the despicably abusive couple.

Photo source: Senad Kardasevic
Two days later, Arina passed away from her injuries. Her father sat by her and kissed her as the precious two-year-old took her last breaths.

A heartbreaking picture taken of Kardasevic, crying while his daughter lay dying on a hospital bed, tangled in wires, is now shaking the Eastern European country. It is a plea from a desperate father to take child abuse cases more seriously.

Photo source: Senad Kardasevic

Thankfully, Alibabic and Jakupi have both been arrested and are being held in custody. Officials are still investigating the matter, but it is presumed that they will both be charged with murder.

This is a horrible, heartbreaking reminder of the kind of darkness some people have inside of them and the importance of speaking up and being heard if you notice anything suspicious. Be a voice for those who don’t have their own: we need to be vigilant and work together so this doesn’t happen to another innocent child!

There’s no words to say.”

Her Mom Thought She’d Never See Little Girl Again After Kidnapping. But 3 Words Saved Her Life

Five-year-old Jocelyn Rojas was playing in the front yard one afternoon when the unthinkable happened. When Jocelyn’s grandmother, Tracey Clay, looked outside, she was gone.

Clay caught a glimpse of a sedan driving away, but that was the only clue as to where her granddaughter had gone. When she couldn’t find Jocelyn anywhere, Clay notified police that she had been kidnapped.

Police and neighbors searched the area for hours, but had no luck finding the missing girl. Jocelyn’s family began to fear the worst.

Enter two teens, Temar Boggs and his friend Chris, who, along with more than 100 first responders, were shown a photo of the little girl who had been kidnapped. The pair were only 15-years-old, but they wanted to do something about it.

Instead of sitting idly by, the boys took out their bikes and went looking. They didn’t expect to find much, but wanted to help in any way they could.

5-year old Jocelyn Rojas was kidnapped by an older man, allegedly lured into his car by the promise of ice cream

About a half-mile down the road, the two spotted a sedan that looked suspicious. Every time they passed the car it would turn around and drive away.

They were extremely suspicious of the car with good reason. When the car finally stopped, Boggs approached the driver’s side window and looked in.

What he said next may have saved little Jocelyn’s life. He looked at the man straight in the eyes and said, “I see you.”

The man drove away, but when he made it to the end of the street, he stopped. The door opened, and out ran Jocelyn.

“He stopped at the end of the hill and let her out, and she ran to me and said that she needed her mom,” Boggs said. When they made it home, the neighborhood threw a party for the young man who had saved the day.

“He’s our hero. I mean, there’s no words to say,” Tracey Clay said of Boggs’ courage.

Thanks to Boggs’ description of the perpetrator, he was captured and taken to jail. With three small words, this teen was able to save a little girl’s life.

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