Happily Married Parents Consider Divorce In Order To Cover Daughter’s Health Care Costs

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We came across this heartbreaking story on TODAY this week.

Parents Jake and Maria Grey are married with two children – happily married that is. But sadly, the couple are currently considering a divorce, for the sake of their child.

The couple from Texas say that it’s the only way that their developmentally disabled daughter can qualify for Medicaid and get the important health care she needs.

The couple are the proud parents of two girls, 2-year-old Fairen and 6-year-old Brighton, who was born with a rare genetic disorder, Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. 

Developmentally still a newborn, Brighton needs around-the-clock attention.

“She will not be able to be on her own ever and requires 24/7 care,” Maria Grey told TODAY.

The couple has attempted to get Medicaid to help with spiraling medical costs however Jake earns too much — $40,000 — for the family to qualify. 

The Greys  have applied for state assistance but don’t expect to get it as of where they fall on the list.

“We’re No. 60,000,” Maria said.

“We shouldn’t have to make that sacrifice to get our child Medicaid,” Maria Grey said to TODAY.

The family has private health insurance, however they still spend about $15,000 every year out of pocket.

“It’s drowning us to try to keep up with her medical expenses,” he said. “We’ve done everything we can do to try to keep her afloat, and we’re going to reach a point where we can’t do it and we won’t have another option. We don’t know what to do.”

The couple said they have heard of other families in the same heartbreaking dilemma.

We are not looking for charity, we’re not looking for money or donations. We don’t want a GoFundMe — we don’t want any of that,” Maria said. “I need the state to step up and give us the benefits that we need.”

They are now going public with their struggle to help raise awareness about their predicament and encourage others in a similar situation to speak out. They say  that they’ll do whatever necessary to help their daughter.

She is a pure and beautiful soul,” Maria said. “We’re lucky to have that and I wouldn’t change that for anything.”

So sad! 


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