Gun-Rights Advocate Whose Kid Accidentally Shot Her Could Go To Jail

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Gun activist Jamie Gilt was hospitalized after her four year old accidentally shot her in the back.

The Florida mother was shot in the back while driving.

The gun, which was not in a holster, was lying under the front seat of her vehicle. While driving, the gun apparently slid back to the rear floorboard below where her son was seated in a booster seat. The four year old, who recently learned how to unbuckle his seatbelt, removed himself from the seat, possibly to fetch a toy from the floor. He then noticed the gun, picked it up and accidentally shot through the driver’s seat, hitting Jamie in the back and the bullet exited through her chest.

The child was not harmed in any way and his Mom is said to be recovering well.

Although she legally owned the firearm, the mother is now possibly facing a charge for unsafe storage of a firearm. The State Attorney’s Office will have have to make the decision as to whether she’ll get charged. If convicted, she would face 180 days in jail as this will be deemed a second-degree misdemeanor. In the state of Florida, it’s illegal to store a gun where a minor can gain access to it – i.e it must be stored in a locked safe or box.

Gilt ran a Facebook page called Jamie Gilt for Gun sense which featured several pro-gun messages posted before the shooting, has since been removed.

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