Girl Carries Disabled Little Brother To School Every Day

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Emotional footage has emerged of a young girl showing incredible kindness and strength to her brother as she carries him to and from school every day.

Zhou Dingshuang puts on her brother’s shoes every morning and carries him out to school come rain or shine – she clearly doesn’t want her brother to miss out on anything.

It was not clear just whether the boy would be able to go to school or not, but in order to make sure her brother would get the education he deserved, Zhou offered her help to make sure he got to school every single day.

While it isn’t certain whether Zhou’s brother was born with an inability to walk, or whether there was an accident or other cause for the disability, what is clear is that Zhou is dedicated to helping him.

In the video, you will see Zhou getting her 12-year-old brother’s shoes before carrying him 500 metres to the classroom.

They siblings live and study at the same boarding school, which is why their parents aren’t around to help them, and special arrangements have been made to ensure the siblings can stay together and look after each other.

In the video you will see the pair crossing the square towards school working as a team, with Zhou giving her brother a piggy back and her brother holding an umbrella to make sure neither of them get wet.

Liu Yan, from Heizhigue Township Centre School, said:

“Because of Zhou and her brother’s status, we decided to arrange a special room for them.”

When the two go home, she even helps her parents with jobs around the house.

She said:

“Sometimes I come home to dry seeds, prepare food, help my parents wash clothes and teach my brother to write Hanzi.
I’ll be his legs. I’ll be with him forever.”

How precious…

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