Getting Help With Postpartum Depression Makes You a Good Mom

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Postpartum Depression is so common yet many mothers still feel a sense of shame in getting help with their postpartum depression.

It’s almost contradictory: by standing up and saying, “I feel sad and think I have postpartum depression” during a time in which so many people expect a mother to be happy, it’s like a woman is saying she isn’t happy having her child. But that’s not what postpartum depression is about.

Typically PPD has to do with the change of hormones, as well as the huge lifestyle change. Motherhood or your baby may not be exactly as you expected it to be. Not to mention, during the early stages of infancy, mothers are not getting much sleep. The lack of sleep, plus pressures of motherhood, plus body changes and hormone fluctuations can be very powerful on a woman. If a woman has a history of depression on top of this, this can also heighten her chances of having PPD.

Don’t Be Afraid

But since it is so very common, I tell all mothers: you don’t have to be afraid of getting help. Standing up and saying, “I don’t feel so good” is exactly what a good mother would do! Telling a professional you think you have postpartum depression shows strength and good-self care. It says that you are a good mother who knows that she needs to be “ok” and stable in order to be the best mother she can be. You are a good mom for taking a stand against postpartum depression and telling yourself that you won’t let this get you down. That you will start to feel better, step by step.

You’re Amazing

You may not believe this, but this makes you an amazing mother. You are using your resources– support system, professionals, OBGYN, general practitioner, family and friends to ask for help. You are showing your child from the very beginning that practising good self-care and being aware of one’s mental health is an utmost priority.

Not everyone will have the same experience of motherhood as you will. And not everyone who went before you had the same experience of motherhood as you either. Motherhood is a personal journey, and the new stages of raising a child and dealing with a newborn are different for everyone. In order to truly care for our babies, we must make sure that we are strong ourselves. We are only human.

Deciding to get help and care for yourself is courageous mama. Be proud.

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