Creative Kids’ Room Ideas That Will Make You Want To Be A Kid Again

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All kids would agree that there’s nothing more special, rewarding and inspiring than having their own unique room. As a parent, you can help your child create perfectly personal space that would help them relax, play, study and get all crafty. Decorating your child’s room according to their own tastes will allow them to feel respected and loved. It can help them feel more confident as well as boost their creative skills. If you want to do all this for your kid, keep on reading.

Have a theme

Talk to your child about their favorite cartoon/comic/book/movie heroes and things that they are passionate about. Let them know that you’d like to decorate their room in a similar fashion. That way, they will give it a serious thought and choose the theme easier. In that respect, you can use a specific color scheme, wall murals, posters as well as theme-inspired bed covers, sheets and accessories to furnish and decorate your child’s personal space that they would absolutely love.

Boost kid’s creativity

The best way to encourage your child’s creativity is to show them just how much you think highly of their arts and crafts. You can effectively achieve this by introducing their own drawings, paintings, DIY projects and even fancy-dress costumes that you made together into their room. These details make for perfect accessories for a kid’s room. These decorative bits will effectively boost the child’s confidence when it comes to keeping up with their artistry. Using something that kids made as an important piece of décor in child’s room plays a significant role in improving their self-esteem as well.

Warm rug

Many kids simply love playing on the floor. In order to keep them warm and cozy, you can add to the whole room décor with interesting kids rugs and floor cushions. If your child is still young, you can get a special learning rug with numbers, letters or colors that would make the child’s learning process fun and enjoyable. On the other hand, you can choose rugs that match the overall theme. You can even use creative rugs featuring certain images and patterns that would encourage your child’s self-play and boost imagination.

Do it together

Apart from asking your child for the advice on room’s theme, make sure to include them in the entire process. It’s essential to remember that this is not going to be your room, but your kid’s. If they’re included in the décor and furnishing of their own room, they’ll be able to come up with new ideas and generally feel better in their own space. You will also show that you value your child’s input and that you don’t intend to make this about you and what you find best. This kind of responsibility will mean the world for the child regardless of how small it may seem to you.

Final touches

It’s important to be as creative as possible when it comes to adding the final decorative touches to the kid’s room. For example, chalkboard wallpaper is really fun and it will definitely engage your child in some creative play on daily basis. Inspire your kids to make their own DIY photo frames and even lava lamps. You can be practical as well. Finding top quality shelves is a great storage solution which can serve your kids for many years to come. And you can always repaint these or even decorate them with decoupage as child’s interests change.


Having their favorite heroes and themes featured in their personal space is very beneficial when it comes to child’s healthy growth and development. Respecting their interests and putting their creativity on display will truly boost their individuality and sense of belonging. It may even spark up some new interests and hobbies. Just like adults, kids have a need to be surrounded by things that represent their personality and taking the time to redecorate their room will definitely mean a lot to them.

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