Chrissy Teigen “Trolls” Pregnant Friend, Brooklyn Decker’s Swollen Feet

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Being pregnant can really exhausting, and friends who’ve been there before and are willing to commiserate are just everything.

But sometimes, good friends who’ve been there may also make you laugh – and that’s what Chrissy Teigen done for her pregnant pal model and actress Brooklyn Decker – with a well-placed burn. A jokey one, that is.

Decker recently shared a photo of her pregnancy-swollen foot on Instagram that would elicit looks of sympathy from any mom who’s been there, but when Teigen saw it, she went for the giggles instead.

“I don’t even know where the leg ends and the foot begins anymore,” Decker said.

Teigen took to the comments section to faux-shame her buddy, and it’s pretty hilarious.

I don’t even know where the leg ends and the foot begins anymore.

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“Wow gross u need to see a doctor !!!! This isnt normal,” she writes. Teigen even nails the terrible grammar and overuse of exclamation points typical of judgy commenters on the internet and follows up with concerns over tuna.

Teigen then plays the role of a Helpful Mom With A Blog and reminds Decker that she has expert advice if only she’d visit (and comment !)

Decker replies saying, “link broke” with Teigen later replying that it’s probably due to too much traffic.


Another commenter then chimes in to shame Teigen for her jokey comments, clearly not grasping that they were, indeed, joking. “How one woman tells another its ‘gross’ is beyond me. And I’m pretty sure I never ate tuna and swelled like this and worse!”

While this is obviously meant to be funny, it’s not hard to see that in playing in her friend’s Instagram comments, Teigen is subtly clapping back at the scores of judgy know-it-alls who have felt the need to weigh in on plenty of her parenting choices including, her use of IVF, the way she holds her baby, and her future fertility plans. The woman gets more unsolicited advice from the perfect parents of the internet.

We hope that Decker gets her rest along with plenty of funny texts from her funny friend to keep her smiling through!

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