Breaking News: Parents High On Heroin Lose Control Of Car With Child In Back Seat

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Police in Sumiton, Alabama found a couple overdosed in their car in a Walmart parking lot.

An eyewitness, Cynthia Ward, says that she was pumping gas when she saw this unfolding. She saw the car, going around and around and immediately started recording it all on her cell phone.

We watched them drag them out of the car and they were completely lifeless it looked like,” said the witness.

People at the parking lot tried to help when they saw the car going out of control.

“There was people trying to run around and catch the car so there was just some good folks trying to stop it,” said Sumiton Police Chief T.J. Burnett.

The car was locked in and eventually hit a parked cop car when officers arrived to control the problem.

Sumiton Police then found a small child in the car.

“They were so messed up I guess that they didn’t even try to restrain their child properly which is very scary,” said Ward.

The Addiction Prevention Coalition in Birmingham said that incidents such as this one can damage a child for life, it’s an image that they probably won’t ever forget.

“It’s a sad reality because kids are general innocent victims of addiction,” said Danny Molloy with The Addiction Prevention Coalition.

The child is currently in the custody of the state, while his parents stay in the hospital.

“I just hope that these people can straighten up their lives and kind of be there for their child if they ever get a chance to do that,” said Ward.

The couple will be charged with possession of a control substance along with that, child endangerment.

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