The Picture That Has Shamed Argentina: Tiny Girl Goes On Hands And Knees To Lick Water From A Dirty Puddle During 100F Heatwave In Poverty-Stricken Region

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A shocking picture of a tiny girl on her hands and knees licking water from a dirty puddle during a 100F heatwave has recently gone viral.

The photo was taken in a poverty-stricken area of Argentina and has quickly attracted attention all over South America and Spain.

The girl is believed to be begging for money with other youngsters during daytime in the city of Posadas, north-east of Argentina.

A voluntary worker Migue Ríos was shocked by the sight, and had to put it online.

Aid workers say that adults exploit young children in the city by forcing them to beg at the roadside. Pictured: Children in Posadas

The image was taken by a local journalist and posted online by voluntary worker Migue Ríos.

Migue works at UNICEF Argentina based in Posadas. In his post along with the distressing photo Migue said: ‘While the country is on fire, this little Guarani girl hydrates herself from the ground.’

‘We must be doing something wrong as a society, mustn’t we?’

He reveals that the girl in the photo was later seen by doctors, he added: ‘Why did I post the photo?

‘So that we finally start talking as a society about a problem which we often don’t do anything about because no-one highlights it, while those who should do something just carry on lining their pockets.’

The photo was later revealed to have been taken during a heatwave in the centre of Posadas, around 1 pm on Wednesday.

An Online journalist was driving along Mitre Avenue when he stopped at a traffic light and saw the girl, the journalist immediately capture the moment.

Children from the Mbya Guarani community are exploited by adults being forced to beg for money in the city. Although they are always helped, the youngsters refuse to leave because they earn much more money here than in their villages.

These sort of scenes is not new for journalist living in this area, but with this photo he wants to see if more could be done to help them.

His colleague shared the images with a group of friends and with their help managed to get together a few things for them including bottled water.

Troubled by the plight of the children, journalists took a car-load of water bottles to hand out

The photo has sparked a wave of anger among the thousands of people who have seen it online.

Ana Mari Gimenez Pons wrote: ‘I would be ashamed if I were a millionaire boasting about my luxury lifestyle while others die of hunger.’

Tamara Lamirona added: ‘Put yourself in the place of that little girl and what she must fell or imagine your children in that situation!!’

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