Breaking: Boy of nine foils attempt to snatch baby brother

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Breaking News: A nine-year-old boy has foiled an attempt to snatch baby brother from hospital ward in Germany.

ITV are reporting that in Hamburg, Germany: A quick-thinking nine-year-old boy stepped in to prevent a stranger from stealing his newborn brother straight from the German hospital ward.

A hospital maternity ward


Its reported that a strange 34-year-old woman walked into the ward and picked up the day-old baby boy, and took it from the room where the mother was sleeping.

The baby’s brother noticed this and ran after the would-be abductor, speaking to her and trying to convince her to hand back the baby. Eventually, after a few tense minutes… the woman handed the baby back.

The police were called to the scene and arrested the woman, she was then taken to a psychiatric clinic.

Police said the boy’s act had “significantly” contributed to the baby’s safe return at a hospital in Hamburg, Germany.



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