Blake Lively Opens Up About Being Bullied As A Child

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Blake Lively’s looks is close to perfection. That’s no secret.

However, in a recent Instagram post, Lively opens up about what was at the root of bullying she endured as a child.

In a photo featuring everyone’s favorite feathered friend, Big Bird, Lively opens up about how children used to make fun of her.

Kids used to make fun of me in elementary school by calling me Big Bird (because I was ‘too tall’ and had ‘yellow’ hair). Here’s to making best buddies with the things that once hurt you.”

Lively has been sharing on social media more often lately, and we’re loving it.

Recently, she shared her struggle to lose weight after giving birth to her second daughter.

Anytime a celeb mom wishes to get real about things we can all relate to, it’s actually a good thing. We sometimes forget they’re real humans with real experiences and not perfect-looking bots with perfect lives.

Lively’s message about bullying is a good one. As adults, we fully understand the damage bullying can cause but we also understand there’s a light at the end of the tunnel because many of us have come out on the other side.


Finally. I have friends.

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Kids who are living in it right now can’t see that light, but seeing stories like Lively’s provide a clear example for their kids.


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