Best Electrical Outlet Safety Covers 2016

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According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), nearly 7 children are treated in hospital each day for burns or electrical shock due to them fiddling with a wall outlet.

Children seem to be drawn to electric outlets and they just love sticking objects like keys and coins inside the outlet.

Luckily for parents, there are a number of products on the market that will keep your child safe from any burns or electrical shock:

Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Covers:

1.Munchkin Plug Covers (36 pack)

Price: $7.89, Amazon (Affiliate)

The smooth, non-grip design of these plug covers helps to prevent young children from tampering with plugs. It has been designed to blend in with most standard outlets and room decor so that it goes unnoticed by children.

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2.Safety First Ultra Clear Outlet Plugs (12 pack)

Price: $11.39, Amazon (Affiliate)

This clear designed plug covers have child-proof rounded edges and is removable and reusable.

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3.Dreambaby Outlet Plugs (24 pack)

Price: $7.99, Amazon (Affiliate)

These hard-wearing safety devices are made from durable, strong material which makes it hard for children to remove. 

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4.Safe Home CoverPlug Safety – Duplex 3 Prg Outlet Plug Cover (2 pack)

Price: $9.99, Amazon (Affiliate)

Specifically designed for unused three prong electrical duplex outlets – the prongs fit into ground plug opening. You are able to paint or wallpaper these covers or just leave white, as is.


Image Credit: Safe Home

Image Credit: Safe Home

5.Mommy’s Helper Safe Plate Electrical Outlet Cover

Price: $3.52, Amazon (Affiliate)

This sliding outlet cover closes automatically and includes an energy-saving thermoseal gasket. Its made to fit standard outlets which feature 1 screw hole in the centre of the Safe-Plate.

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