The Best Kids Allergy Bands On The Market

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Allergy Bracelets For Toddlers

It’s unfortunate when our kids suffer from allergies or illness such as asthma and if they do, it’s actually very dangerous for them to be walking around without any medical band indicating their condition. In the past, the most common objections from kids are that the so called jewelry is boring or uncool – gone are those days, thanks to these eye-catching pieces:

1. Allerbling Food Allergy Awareness Bracelet (Full Kit)

Price: $18.65, Amazon (Affiliate)

Kids love bright colours so these bracelets and it’s charms will definitely get their attention. It comes with  8 allergy charms plus 1 medic charm. The wristband has five holes and can accommodate four allergy charms plus the recommended medic charm. These bands are designed specifically for children between ages 3-8 years old.

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2. Allermates Allergy Bracelets

 Price: $6.18, Amazon (Affiliate)

The very popular AllerMates allergy and medical alert bracelets help your child stay safe against food allergies or other health concerns with these adjustable, colorful and kid-friendly alert bracelets, free of BPA, phthalates, nickel and latex – there are bracelets available for the most common allergies including wheat/gluten, dairy and diabetes.

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3. Road ID 

Price: $9.99, Amazon (Affiliate)

Available in a range of colours for different allergies – each bracelet comes with four distinct band sizes to ensure the best possible fit, including “teeny-tiny” for small children and it’s even adjustable enough for adults to use. The descriptive faceplate is constructed with surgical grade stainless steel that, is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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4. Vital ID Bracelets

Price: $16.54, Amazon (Affiliate)

This design has space for an insert into the band which allows for the easy update of not only allergies but other emergency information. It certainly looks tough enough to withstand the demands of everyday use.

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5. STATkids Multiple Food Allergies Bracelet

Price: $4.95, Amazon (Affiliate)

A hypo-allergenic Bracelet with bold white lettering which ensures your child’s allergy is noticed. It’s extremely durable and safe for wear in water. Its not too bad in the looks department, so kids will be more willing to wear them.


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6. Allermates Multi-charm Package

Price: $13.50, Amazon (Affiliate)

If your child has multiple allergies or health concerns, this is an option as it will aert caretakers of his or her’s special needs with just one bracelet. Medical alert charms included in this package are for the common food allergies and conditions like peanut, dairy and nut as well as asthma. The charms can be added, rearranged or removed so change the bracelet as your child’s needs change

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7. Medical ID Alert Bracelets – Silicone Sleek Bracelet

Price: $29.99, American Medical ID (Affiliate)

Probably more suitable for an older child or teen, this inter-changable ID is both practical and attractive. Emergency and medical details can also be personalized and engraved. There are currently limited edition colors available, like  rose gold, coastal and sparkle.


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