ALERT: Yet Another Social Media Challenge Hurting Teens

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A UK Mom is sharing photos of her daughter’s arm filled with circular welts after she discovered that the latest “internet craze” is to spray deodorant on your skin “until it burns.”

Sara Pears Stanley posted two images of her daughter Kaitlyn’s arms as she wants to alert other parents to the challenge.

“Apparently the new craze up Bodmin College is the ‘deodorant challenge,'” she says in the post. “Just want you all to be aware.”

Stanley’s post was shared to the high school’s Facebook community group, Bodmin Voice, by another mother. “Please please be aware! There’s a new ‘craze’ going around where [kids] spray deodorant onto their body and continue it until it burns their skin!” wrote Sarah J Cullis.

Please warn your children not to do it as it will cause so much pain and more than likely [they’ll] end up in hospital! Please share to warn others.”

This challenge comes just months after the viral “salt and ice” challenge, which also gave kids severe burns, landing them in the emergency room.

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